International Criminology Association

ICA President & Executive Chair

The ICA President and Executive Chair is Dr. Liam J. Leonard

Dr. Liam Leonard is a Lecturer in Sociology & Criminology, formerly Northern Arizona University, California State University, Los Angeles,

Editor: Advances in Criminology Series, IGI Global: IGI Criminology

Dr. Liam Leonard is the former President of the Sociological Association of Ireland. He was the senior academic and taught modules on Human Rights, Sociology, Criminology, Professional Development and Equality & Diversity on the Irish National Prison Officer Training Programme. The author/editor of over 20 books and numerous journal articles, he is Senior Editor of the Ecopolitics Books Series, the Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice Book Series (both with Emerald UK) and Founding Editor of CRIMSOC Journal of Social Criminology. Dr. Leonard has edited the 2011 Irish issue of the Prison Journal, as well as special issues of Environmental Politics and the Irish Journal of Sociology and the Criminology issue of the Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies. Dr. Leonard was awarded the Sage Publishing Research Excellence Award in New York as well as the Irish NAIRTL Research & Teaching Award in 2012, and has ten years experience as an academic and lecturer in the National University of Ireland and the Institute of Technology sector. Now resident in Orange County, California, he is a Lecturer in Criminal Justice at California State University, Los Angeles  and an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at West Virginia University and a Research Fellow with WVU’s Center for the Study of Violence and Conflict Resolution.. Dr. Leonard is a regular on the criminology conference circuit, and in March 2012 was an invited Chair and Speaker at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) in New York. He was Co-Organiser of the 7th Irish (North/South) Criminology Conference in Sligo and 1st Irish Penology Conference in Cork. Dr. Leonard is the Chair a Roundtable on Prisons at the American Society of Criminology Conference in Philadelphia, Nov. 2017.

Dr. Leonard is Founder & Executive Editor of CRIMSOC: the Journal of Social Criminology

CRIMSOC Website:

Honorary Vice President

Donal MacIntyre is a Visiting Professor of Criminology with the Centre of Applied Criminology, Birmingham City University, and is an Irish investigative journalist, specialising in investigations, undercover operations and television exposés. In 2007 he directed the Sundance Film Festival premiered A Very British Gangster.He joins the ICA as an Honorary Vice President.

ICA Financial Manager and Treasurer

                                                                                                                                             Financial Manager and Treasurer Dr. Paula Kenny (BA, MSocSc, PhD), works with DCU and                                  Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University (PNU), in Saudi Arabia. Paula  is a former College Lecturer, Custodial Care, Lecturer & Programme Chair, Applied Social Studies, IT Sligo. Paula has held lectureships with the IPA, UCD and TCD in Sociology & Criminology. She is former Treasurer of the Sociology Association of Ireland, a Restorative Justice Facilitator, an Editor with Emerald UK, and CRIMSOC, Journal of Social Criminology. Paula was Co-Organiser of the 7th Irish (North/South) Criminology Conference in Sligo. She is a regular contributor to debates and discussion surrounding penal reform and has published in a number of books and journal articles with a focus on Restorative Justice, Criminology, Policy and Sustainability. Dr. Kenny began her studies for the Kings Inns in September 2012.

ICA Chair of White Collar Crime Research

The ICA Chair of White Collar Crime Research is Colleen Eren, PhD  Associate Professor, Criminal Justice Program Director,  City University of New York/ LaGuardia Community College. Colleen P. Eren holds a PhD in Sociology. She is an associate professor and program director in Criminal Justice Academy at the City University of New York, LaGuardia Community College.  She also served for 5 years as Director of Organizing for New Yorkers for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, which led a successful statewide campaign against capital punishment, and has been trained in restorative justice practices. Her recent book is titled Bernie Madoff and the Crisis: The Public Trial of Capitalism. Book Review: "Bernie Madoff and the Crisis goes beyond purely investigative accounts to examine how and why Madoff became the epicenter of public fury and titillation. Rooting her argument in critical sociology, Colleen P. Eren analyzes media coverage of this landmark case alongside original interviews with dozens of journalists and editors involved in the reportage, the SEC Director of Public Affairs, and Bernie Madoff himself". Book Link:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch  

ICA Chair of Penology 

The CAI Chair of Penology Studies is Azrini Wahidin of Nottingham Trent University and formerly of QUB. Azrini's  research interests relate to the links between social exclusion, the 'deviant' body, crime and crime control and social harm. My  writings are both theoretical and applied and have been influenced by the work of Michel Foucault and Judith Butler.  I have conducted extensive prison research focusing on both prisoners and uniformed staff.  In particular my research has focused on elderly prisoners on both sides of the Atlantic; managing the needs of older offenders, the female prison estate, young offenders, theories of punishment, the lifer system and resettlement.I am  chair of the Professional Ethics Committee for the British Society of Criminology and a trustee for the Howard League for Penal Reform.   Azrrini is also on the editorial board for The Howard Journal of  Criminal Justice and the Prison Service Journal.


Evangeline-Lia Koumentaki is the European Membership Secretary of the ICA.  She is working as a Research Fellow  and as PhD student with Panteion University of Athens. She has a masters of Research on Criminology from The University of Manchester, UK, and a BA on Sociology from University of Crete, Greece, and she is fluent both in Greek and English. She has co-spoken at the European Conference of Criminology at Prague in 2014 about fear of crime and victimization on cyber space. At  the moment she continues her PhD research in Restorative Justice.



ICA chair in international security & justice

photo of Teresa Degenhardt

The CAI Chair of Security & Justice is Teresa Degenhardt (QUB)

Teresa is interested in processes of criminalization of migrants in the current anti terrorism climate and in the problems and prospects related to the application of criminological knowledge in the international sphere. My PhD thesis analyzed the use of war in the post 9/11 context with particular reference to the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq.


ICA International Honorary Members

Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero, Middlesex University, London UK

Professor Gerry Johnstone, University of Hull, UK 

Dr. Rosemary Gido, Indiana University of Pennsylvania rt, (Editor: The Prison Journal) US

Membership Secretary (UK): Anthony Donnelly-Drummond (MU)

Anthony Donnelly-Drummond is a member of the Criminology Department at Middlesex University in the UK and UK Membership Secretary for the ICA.