International Criminology Association


The International Criminology Association (ICA) has been established to facilitate wider research and expertise in the areas of criminology, criminal justice and human rights across the globe.

The ICA invites international academics,  researchers and practitioners who share an interest in criminology to participate in our association.


(ICA) Membership is free, and provides you with direct engagement with a wide body of professionals who are involved in the field of criminology and criminal justice in the Irish case. The ICA is linked with CRIMSOC: the Journal of Social Criminology

Website:  CRIMSOC: and with the

IGI Global Advances in Criminology Book Series:IGI Criminology 


To find out more about the International Criminology Association please contact ICA Chair Dr. Liam Leonard at

The International Criminology Association approves the Criminology

Programme at City Colleges, Dublin Ireland:


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